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Latest release

- metal mosquitos bug
- bug of npcs not pushing the boy in the map THE
- bug of shaking collisions when running against npcs
- pauses in dialogs : any duration (dec and hex)
- monsters attack : additionnal hitbox (rectangle centered on the monster)
- corrected the queen in the map QU who always exploded after her dialogs, now only when S6 (and S2 in V2)
- removed the automatic dialogs lines generation : now all dialogs need manual line returns (i added them in french and english), this is for preparation for lua dialogs, if you want to correct texts in your language use LP, the texts to modify are at the end of the text file, modify it then reload the game (send me the text file if you want).
- lua test, very incomplete, i implemented only a few functions. Before i wanted to create my own lua (the one in map THE) but lua is 100% what i need (parser with if...), it's very good. (map man).
- more informations in the readme about differences with SoE, the readme already gave informations and i didn't want another command. i need to add more informations about rewards (experience given and money given)
- bug fix : command money used then looting a pot that gives money

The next update will be at the end of january.
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