How can I help?

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How can I help?

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Actually there is a lot of help needed! Compare SRAM files, it's not difficult at all.

This would be really awesome. Your help would save much time in not doing something twice what someone else already did.

Join the SoE 'exploration' community to find meanings for various SRAM offsets.
This can be done either by using

* Web Comparison
* Windows Console App

Once you found a meaning for an offset value, try to enable or disable this flag in other SRAM (*.srm) files to prove your find.
Reading and manipulating offset values can be done using the following:

* Web Offset Editor
* Windows Console App

Post your assumptions and finds here in the forum.

A guide for comparing SRM files using the Console App can be found here.
A guide for comparing Savestate files using the Console App can be found here.

Web Comparison is easier to use and works with any kind of modern browser.